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Practice Makes Perfect. Let us coach you before and during your divorce.

Are you working through the process of a divorce in North County San Diego? Are you required to attend a hearing at the Courthouse? What would be the impact on the success of your hearing if you were able to meet with a “coach” ahead of time who could tell you what to expect as well as prepare you for unplanned contingencies? Imagine the peace of mind, confidence and your expectation of success as you walk into the Courthouse better prepared.

The Law Offices of Andrew Johnson are located directly across the street from the Vista Courthouse. You can schedule an appointment with one of our seasoned North County San Diego family law attorneys who will prepare you and provide coaching before your divorce hearing. We will review the purpose of your hearing, and your goals and objectives for the process. We will discuss the process of the hearing, and what to do if you are uncomfortable at any point in the proceeding.

To contact Andrew P. Johnson, or a qualified member of his team, call (760) 639-0187 or email us today!