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How can I file for my own divorce?

What should you do when you get stuck in the process of trying to file your own divorce in North County San Diego? The State of California tells us that more than 80% of people seeking a divorce in our state begin the process by attempting to complete the process on their own. Most want to save money, and have heard war stories about the expense of divorce and how attorneys just make things worse. After several months of trying to understand all of the forms required, and working through the system the majority of these divorces become “stuck.” The Judge won’t accept the paperwork, or they can’t work out some of the areas contained within the Separation Agreement. After hours and hours of waiting in line at the free guidance centers and months passing, exasperation and overwhelm set in. “We just want this divorce to be finished.”

Andrew P. Johnson, APC, we understand this dilemma and are prepared to help you to quickly and cost-effectively complete your divorce. We offer a variety of services to help do-it-yourself divorces to get on track and completed. If you and your former spouse are in complete agreement on all details contained in the Separation Agreement, we simply need to make sure your paperwork is accurate, complete and properly formatted. We also need to make sure it is legally correct to ensure that your agreements are enforceable. If there is still an area or two of disagreement our experienced divorce attorneys can provide ideas on how to resolve the disagreement, and provide insight on how other couples have resolved similar issues.

In some cases, you may require representation for a hearing, such as child custody or contested asset and debt distribution.  We tailor the exact services you need in a cost-effective manner. We also provide consultation and coaching. If you intend to appear before the Court on your own we will meet with you just before the hearing and help you to prepare. Our offices are located conveniently across the street from the Vista Courthouse. To contact Andrew P. Johnson, or a qualified member of his team, call (760) 639-0187 or email us today!

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