Divorce & Family Law Consulting

Many North County San Diego residents are frustrated by the process of attempting to represent themselves through the divorce process. According to the State of California, more than 80% of the divorces filed with the State are “Pro Per” – meaning, the parties representing themselves.  Usually the parties are attempting to get things done as quickly as possible and in a cost-effective manner.  Most divorcing couples have heard horror stories of expensive litigated divorces, and they don’t want attorneys to drive a wedge between them, and add significant expense to their divorce.

Effective Divorce and Family Law Consulting Services

Andrew P. Johnson, APC understands your desire to get things completed as quickly and inexpensively as possible. The good news is: you have options.

Consulting Services – Bring the paperwork you have prepared so far and sit down with a Certified Family Law Specialist who can quickly and effectively evaluate where things stand, and what you need to do to complete the process on your own.

Paralegal Services – If your paperwork is fairly complete, or simply a rough sketch, our offices can help to efficiently put together the appropriate paperwork necessary to address all issues in your divorce.  You can approach your court date with the confidence that your paperwork is accurate, complete, and captures the actual agreements you have reached with your former spouse.

Preparation for Court Hearings – Our offices are conveniently located directly across the street from the North County Superior Court complex.  Our attorneys will sit down with you before important hearings, or before your final appearance, and prepare you for the proceedings.  Imagine the confidence and peace of mind you will have walking into Court knowing what to expect, how to behave, how to manage unexpected developments, and how to effectively present your position.

Blended Legal Representation – You can retain our attorneys to represent you only when you absolutely need us.  For example, we will represent you in a contentious child custody or property division negotiation, mediation, or Court hearing.  You can depend upon the experience and sound counsel at Andrew P. Johnson, APC to represent your interests and efficiently achieve your objectives.

Full Legal Representation – If at some point your spouse gets an attorney or you are served with divorce papers, you may need full legal divorce or family law representation.  The attorneys at Andrew P. Johnson, APC provide responsive, attentive, and expert legal services to help you to complete your divorce or manage your family law matter in a prompt and reasonable manner.

The attorneys at Andrew P. Johnson, APC are here to help you at any point of your divorce or family law legal matter.  Whether you want to manage the process yourself and just need a little guidance and support along the way, or you require the full representation of an experienced and proven California Certified Family Law Specialist, we will tailor the right services to meet your requirements and budget.

To contact Andrew P. Johnson, or a qualified member of his team, call (760) 659-3683 or email us via the "Contact Us" button and your message will be responded to promptly.


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