Attorneys Andrew P. Johnson and Matthew W. Cord

Affordable Divorce Services For Non-Contentious Couples

At Andrew P. Johnson, APC, we offer swift and clear direction through the divorce process. Our founder Andrew P. Johnson is a Certified Family Law Specialist (CFLS), licensed to practice in both California and Montana. We can help you get your divorce finalized so that you can move on and enjoy the next phase of your life.

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We Offer Four Options For Divorce Resolution

Our attorneys are available to help in you a wide range of divorce services. The primary part of their divorce practice involves litigation, taking your divorce to trial and arguing on your behalf in matters relating to asset distribution, child custody and other related issues. In addition to that, we also offer divorce mediation, helping couples come to an agreeable settlement of their marriage.

The last two services we offer are consulting and document drafting. These are limited-scope engagements, but they can help you with legal advice and properly drafted forms if you are self-represented in your divorce.

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Our Legal Services

Domestic Violence

Child Custody

Divorce and Custody Modifications


Divorce Agreement Drafting

Pro Se Divorce Consulting

Divorce Mediation

High Asset Divorce

Professional Practices Division

Business Ownership Division

Providing Representation In Disputes Related To Your Divorce

In addition to direct divorce representation, our lawyers can also represent you in various other issues. The most common of these are child custody and support disputes, which require an experienced advocate to negotiate on your behalf. Our attorneys also are adept at handling high-asset divorces, as they have a deep understanding of how to properly assess and appraise the value of assets, retirement portfolios, business interests and real estate holdings.

Related to our business ownership services, our lawyers also help clients who are seeking to divide their ownership interests during their divorce without causing undue harm to the company itself. Lastly, our team can help professionals such as lawyers, doctors, certified public accountants (CPAs) and other licensed professionals with ownership interests in their firms during their divorces.

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Why You Should Choose Andrew P. Johnson, APC?

Our attorneys offers a unique set of skills and services to help our clients as they go through their divorces. Our founder, Andrew Johnson, is a Certified Family Law Specialist (CFLS). Board-certification as a family law attorney in California is a distinction that he earned from his deep knowledge and understanding of family law.

Our lawyers also take a different approach to divorce than other attorneys. Rather than seeking contentious litigation, they encourage mediation when possible because it is a better option for our clients and their families to move through their divorce with minimal emotional and financial strain. Our attorneys encourage civility and try to maintain amicable relations between the former spouses while proposing mutually beneficial solutions. Their priority is helping you move through your divorce in a reasonable manner so that you can get to your new life.

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Client Testimonials

Thank you Andrew and Matt!!!

Dealing with everyone in this office was an absolute pleasure and their performance in the court room was exceptional.

– Brandon C., Vista, CA

He calms my worries and is extremely professional

Andy has a very strong moral core and is very knowledgeable of the intricacies of family law in California. He has been an absolute pleasure for me to work with.

– Karen G., Traverse City, MI

Very professional!

I had to have Mr Johnson clean up the mess my last 2 attorneys had left. My divorce was on its 5th year, and in less than 90 days, he resolved everything. Very professional and was there for all my questions. His staff was outstanding and responded quickly to my requests.

– Mark V., Temecula, CA

Domestic Violence charge dismissed!

I hired Andrew Johnson to fight two malicious lawsuits brought against me. The most serious was a Domestic Violence charge. If it wasn’t for his knowledge and his excellent staff, my life could have been ruined. The Judge dismissed both lawsuits.


– Therese, San Diego, CA

Dedicated, Experienced, Ethical

Andy and his amazing staff helped me “get through it” sanely, efficiently and with better results than I had hoped for. They are a true team there and never forget that real human beings are involved. Can’t thank them enough or recommend them more highly!


– Matt, San Diego, CA

Divorce Is The First Step To Your New Life. Let Our Attorneys Help You Begin Your Journey