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What Is Family Law Mediation?

Most family law cases resolve in mediation. Only about 5% of them ever go to trial. Mediation is a confidential process that can be done with or without attorneys. When parties have their own lawyers, mediation is set at some time prior to trial. One of our attorneys, Andrew P. Johnson, is a Certified Family Law Specialist (CFLS). He has represented hundreds of clients in mediation with outstanding results.

Additionally, Mr. Johnson is employed as a mediator privately by attorneys and clients from Vista and the surrounding area going through uncontested divorce. He has facilitated hundreds of divorce agreements for parties as a privately compensated mediator and as an appointed judge pro tempore at the San Diego County Superior Court. If your case is going to mediation or you want to hire someone neutral to mediate your divorce, Mr. Johnson can provide these services at our firm.

Is Mediation Right For Your Divorce?

On the surface, mediation may seem like just an initial step before going on to the full divorce. However, if you are committed to mediation, you may find that:

  • It’s faster: Because you don’t have to wait on a courtroom and you’re trying to find a solution, the process moves much more quickly.
  • It’s less expensive: While being faster does mean you will spend less on lawyers, you will also find that the agreements you come to are fair and built for the long term.
  • It’s less contentious: Because mediation is about resolving your disputes rather than finding a “winner,” both sides have a more positive experience.
  • It’s more private: For people that have a public profile, mediation is one way to keep the details of a divorce and its discussions away from public consumption.

Overall, the mediation process provides a great deal of advantages over a traditional divorce and works well for those couples who seek to cooperate and discuss. Our lawyers have found it to be especially good for building co-parenting agreements that prioritize the kids.

Find Out More About Our Mediation Services

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