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Before we begin, did you know that 70% of Californians try to file for divorce by themselves? Unfortunately, most of these cases result in added frustration and headaches, as these individuals struggle to decipher the forms they must file and lack the understanding of how to complete them correctly. The court refers these individuals to a non-legal clinic, which does not allow and/or is not capable of providing legal divorce or family law advice. This non-legal clinic is designed to help answer questions, but it does so on a limited, first-come, first-served basis. After a few appearances in court, several failed attempts at trying to find help and months of time passing, many people find themselves winding up where they started.

This is when our lawyers at Andrew P. Johnson, APC, can step in and help. They believe in getting things done right the first time. Let them help you complete your divorce in a timely fashion, at a reasonable cost and with the necessary expertise needed to accomplish your goals.

If You And Your Spouse Are In Agreement, Then We Can Help Complete Your Divorce

In the state of California, all aspects relating to the divorce itself should be worked out before the judge can issue a decree to terminate your marriage. This agreement must incorporate several critical legal elements to ensure that all issues are addressed. They include the following:

If you and your spouse are in 100% agreement on all issues, then all you need is an experienced attorney to draft the necessary documents to ensure that they meet all of California’s standards so that the state will legally implement and enforce the agreements that you have worked so hard to reach. This is not easy to accomplish. A lot of “do-it-yourself” divorce agreements are found to be legally insufficient under California law. For example, if you and your spouse agree to terminate child support, you can’t legally do this. Subsequently, what may have been a material issue that is related to other concessions within the agreement ends up being invalid. As a result, this opens you up to additional financial liability and exposure in the future.

What If You And Your Spouse Are Not In Complete Agreement On All Issues In Your Divorce?

Most clients who approach our lawyers at Andrew P. Johnson, APC, are concerned with the following three issues:

  • Completing their divorce
  • Time (how long is it going to take?)
  • Money (how much is this going to cost, and how can you keep that cost down?)

The time and cost of a divorce directly correlate with the amount of disagreement between the parties and the course that both parties mutually choose to take to resolve their disagreements. The frameworks for resolving issues are negotiation, mediation and, ultimately, litigation. It is interesting to note that the parties lose control on the ultimate outcome of these issues (and the impact that they will have on their future) as they move across the scale from negotiation to litigation. Emotion plays a strong role in this process, and it is important for the parties to learn to set emotion aside as they approach the issues. The ability of the spouses to do so directly affects the time frame, experience and cost of their divorce.

Andrew Johnson is an experienced California Certified Family Law Specialist (CFLS). He and our team will work to help you to resolve all issues and recommend specific strategies to work through complex problems. Andrew’s calm, methodical and personable style will provide competent counsel as you approach the issues in your divorce and steady guidance to help bring things to a productive and successful completion.


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