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How can you reduce the cost of a divorce?

How can you reduce the cost of a divorce, while ensuring that you complete the divorce quickly and properly? The State of California tells us that more than 80% of divorces in our State begin with the parties attempting to file a divorce on their own.  The experience along the way makes this an unreasonable challenge for more than half of these parties. After waiting hours and hours for free advice from a non-legal clinic, and perhaps an appearance or two before the Court the parties find out they have not completed the steps required to bring their marriage to an end, and their paperwork is not in proper order.  Months pass. How can you get your divorce back on track?

A blend of services from the Law Offices of Andrew Johnson allows you to customize the exact solution needed to make sure all of your paperwork is in order, and that all issues associated with the division of assets and debts, child custody, support and the division of retirement accounts are correctly structured. We can work with you from where ever you are in the process to help you complete all the details and finish your divorce.

If you and your former spouse are in complete agreement, you simply need paralegals to prepare documents for your review. If there are a few areas of principled disagreement our experienced attorneys can help to facilitate negotiations or represent you on a limited basis (including mediation). You can meet with a seasoned attorney in our office across the street from the Vista Courthouse prior to your hearing, and learn what will happen and how to handle various contingencies.

Walk into the Vista Courthouse with confidence, knowing what to expect and with paperwork that is in order. Are you ready to reduce the cost of a divorce and complete the process you’ve started? Call Andrew P. Johnson, APC (760) 639-0187 and learn how to complete your divorce in the shortest possible time frame and in a cost-effective manner.