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Looking out for the children’s best interests

The laws of the State of California and the local practices of the Courts here in San Diego, including the Courthouse here in Vista, have clearly established that it is important for a child to spend quality time with each parent before, during, and after a divorce. Our Courts are concerned with the “best interests of the child” and work to ensure that parenting time is structured so that children are able to keep a lifestyle and schedule that remains as close to “normal” before the divorce. This usually means a fairly equal division of child custody and time with each parent, unless there are extreme cases of addictions, abuse or criminal activity.

Issues surrounding the children carry deep passion, and the emotion that accompanies these decisions can make it difficult to reach an agreement. The resolution of disagreements between the parties on issues such as child custody and time with each child, and child support is a key to most divorces. Based upon my years of experience as a family law attorney here in North County, I can tell you that the greatest source of bitterness and expense in a divorce is found in the disagreements between the parties. Many people do not realize that the process of working through these challenges and the ability to set aside emotion when making important decisions carries through the divorce experience and impacts the quality of life that follows. Those parties who are able to work to create common ground and resolve areas of disagreement, such as child custody and parenting time, enjoy better relationships with their children after the divorce, and increase their own quality of life. They also significantly reduce the time and expense of their divorce.

Child custody and parenting time here in California is going to require quality time with each parent, and our Courts work to make sure this is fairly and evenly distributed between the parents. As an experienced family law attorney, Andrew P Johnson, APC can mediate these issues for partners who are in dispute. It is important to draw on the expertise of an experienced child custody and family law attorney, who can provide insight and suggestions to help resolve challenging issues in an efficient and cost-effective manner. As a family law attorney, Andrew P Johnson, APC is committed to the best interests of the children of divorce. Andrew P. Johnson, APC is also committed to helping our clients see the road ahead, and to realize that there is not only a path through their divorce, but an opportunity to increase the quality of life they enjoy afterward.

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