High Asset Divorce

North County High Asset Divorce Attorney

Clients with high net worth and asset divorce issues are concerned with division of liquid assets such as cash, banking and investment accounts, securities, as well as real property or business interests.  You can depend on Andrew P. Johnson, APC to develop a strategy that meets your short and long term financial goals after the divorce.  We will work hard to protect the standard of living achieved during your marriage.  Andrew P. Johnson is a Certified Family Law Specialist who has successfully represented many clients in achieving their personal goals during his years of practice throughout San Diego County.

Years of Experience & Reputation for Results

Attorney Andrew P. Johnson is a skillful negotiator and aggressive litigator.  He will protect your rights when complex division of property and assets are necessary during a high net worth divorce. Your investments and assets may include:

  • Trusts
  • Minority interests
  • Pension plans
  • Single home, multiple homes, vacation homes and retirement residences
  • Small, mid-size, and large closely held family businesses
  • Professional practices
  • Commercial real estate
  • Retirement benefits and funds
  • Inheritances
  • Separate property claims
  • Investment property
  • Collectibles
  • Memberships
  • Prenups / Postnups

Attorney Andrew P. Johnson has an extensive accounting background and can provide you with realistic assessments of your objectives when significant assets are involved in a divorce — and the facts and guidance you need that can lead to sound decisions.  For instance, many clients are primarily concerned with keeping control of a business or professional practice.  Andrew P. Johnson will clear up any confusion centered on the value of your business, and your contribution to its success.

Business ownership and the division of these types of assets are some of the most difficult issues in a California divorce.  When you own a company or have an interest in a business or professional practice you need the experience of Andrew P. Johnson, APC.

Some clients may be in need of information regarding their spouse’s financial holdings, and may suspect that a spouse has concealed assets.  We will take the necessary action to determine the full nature and extent of assets and liabilities in your marital estate.


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